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Club rules


Welcome to the FIRST Uzumaki Naruto Club! This Club is ONLY FOR THE CHARACTER NARUTO UZUMAKI. We don't accept other characters, so don't even try to submit other characters or it will be Denied!

So, if you love/like Naruto I invite you to join us! We're here to make so fun and take a good moment :3 .


:star: Rules :star:

:bulletblue: Only Fanart of Naruto Uzumaki
:bulletorange: We accept pairings, but it must have Naruto on in!
:bulletblue: Don't blame our members, if we got a note with this, the member will be kick out!
:bulletorange: Only 3 submission per day
:bulletblue: Mature content is accepted
:bulletorange: Submissions must be in the correct folder, if not, it will be DENIED. Same if the deviation does not have Naruto in it.
:bulletblue: We don't accept stolen artworks, if you're not the ORIGINAL artist of the drawing, then avoid to submit it here. Even if you're the commissioner. (It is against the laws of DA)

:bulletblue: Folder F.A.Q

Uzumaki Naruto Fan Arts: In this folder is only accepted Fan arts of Uzumaki Naruto ALONE and Normal status, no Sasuke, no others characters on it.

Kyuubi Mode: Fanarts of Naruto in Kyuubi mode (3,4,6 tails etc.), Bijuu mode/cloak form.

Naruto sage Mode: For fanarts of Naruto when he's in his Sage/Sennin Mode, or has his red cloak.

Naruko: Naruto in his Orioke/Sexy no Jutsu or genderbent. Pairings with Naruko may go here or the Pairings folder.

Menma: For the alternate universe Uzumaki Naruto in the Road to Ninja movie. Pairings with Menma may go here or the Pairings folder.

Pairings: This folder accepts all Naruto ships/pairings, but NARUTO MUST BE IN THE PICTURE. An implied Naruto pair does not count if he isn't in there.

Naruto with Friends: Group pictures or pictures with Naruto and another character not in a romantic relation. Naruto MUST be visible and present!

Naruto with his parents: We are accepting pictures of Kushina and Minato ONLY IF NARUTO IS IN THERE AS WELL.

Naruto with Bolt and Himawari Pictures of Naruto with his kids. If Hinata is also in the picture, then it goes in the Naruto Pairings folder. Please submit pictures only if Naruto is present!

Naruto VS: If it doesn't belong in the Naruto with Friends folder, then it must go here. Naruto must be seen/visible in battle with another character.

Naruto Cosplay: All photos of Naruto cosplay. Other characters may be present but a Naruto costume must be visible.

Crossover: Group pictures where other characters from other series are present. NARUTO MUST BE IN THERE.

Naruto with OCs: Any fanmade/original characters with Naruto go here.

Comics: Comics or doujinshi pages. Naruto MUST be present AND must play a strong role in the series. Of course these must be drawn by you! No scans or colored pages of other artist's works! ONLY THE COVER/FIRST PAGE OF A MULTI CHAPTER COMIC WILL BE ACCEPTED

Fanfic and Literature: All fanfics with Naruto and Naruto ships/pairs. Naruto MUST be present AND must play a strong role in the fic. ONLY THE COVER/FIRST CHAPTER OF MULTI CHAPTER FICS WILL BE ACCEPTED

Stamps and Graphics: Stamps MUST contain Naruto in it. Graphics include Wallpapers, signatures, icons, avatars, banners and anything that may be used by others. If you are using another artist's work, please credit them or else your deviation will be denied.

Memes and Animations: All memes and animations go here. Music videos/videos go here as well. NARUTO MUST BE IN THEM.

Naruto with Bolt and Himawari: All pics about Naruto with her two childrens here (remember, naruto must be on the pic or it wont be accepted)

Vectors and colored Manga Scans: Colored pages of the manga, line art or vectors of the official images (including screenshots or manga pages/covers) go in here. If anything looks like it came from an official image, we will put it here. SCREENSHOTS AND SCANS DO NOT COUNT AND ARE NOT ALLOWED ON DEVIANTART.

...and that's all~~ Enjoy the clubs and be attention to the news groups~~

If you want to make a question you can send a note to the group or send a note to the founder or Co-Founders:

:iconthanysa: :iconvulpixi-misa: :iconemukcs: :iconmaruchan124: :iconiceveyns: :iconyoujustgotanimated: :iconroamingshadow: :iconlilfluffy:

Gallery Folders

Fanfic and Literature
Stamps and Graphics
Memes and Animation
Vectors and Manga Colors
Naruto happy birthday contest


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I know this isnt about our dear Naruto :heart:  But its an awesome info to share to all of you

Its about kakashi, His face has been REVEALED.

It seems kishimoto give a short manga as Commemoration to the Manga in a exposition in Japan (as always). In this short manga naruto and sakura hire a photographer to try to catch his face, they fail but at least we all fans can finally know how is really our Kakashi :3

This is how he looks like:


Naruto Gaiden: The seventh Hokage

You all know kishimoto has started this short storys about bolt ahd company. The first chapter has ben released. What is your opinion?

I really like how Naruto plays with bolt with his copy while he works >< its a nice try to keep work and be with his family together. Im sure Naruto want to stay with bolt more time.

And about sarada..... uhm I thought being sasuke's daugther will have more intelligent, but it seems not, Just becouse karin has glases dont mean it has to be your mother cmon.
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Our awesome affiliates! We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom. But we will NOT affiliate with anti or hate groups.




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Deadline: January 31, 2014

Media: Digital/Traditional Drawing

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